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Are you a small business owner, freelancer, new start-up, solo-preneur, or small non-profit frustrated by:

  • The high costs and low quality of traditional promotional products?
  • Struggling to Get Noticed?
  • Feeling overwhelmed by the hassle of customization and large minimum orders?

You've come to the right place!

At Hexadaisy we're turning the world of branding, marketing & promotional products on its

head & reimagining a solution

specifically, for you.

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We started Hexadaisy after years of struggling to grow ​and promote our own small businesses and those of ​our clients.

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We often couldn't afford the minimum order quantities, ​and when we did scrimp and save so we could staff a ​booth at a trade show, we found ourselves

overwhelmed by excess product

that we didn't know what to do with afterward.

It felt like a waste of time and resources that was as ​bad for our psyche as it was for the environment.

We also saw our clients struggling to understand ​branding, create compelling marketing materials, getting ​design files to printers, struggling with distribution ​limitations and complications for fundraisers, and...

Perhaps most sadly of all, clients who were

missing out on business growth opportunities

because they couldn't leverage the full power of their ​brand.


We have devised ways for small businesses like yours to take advantage of all the ​powerful benefits of branded promotions at prices you can afford...

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Easily and confidently promote your brand with high-quality, affordable promotional products that leave a lasting impression!

Staff Apparel, Swag, Gifts, Merch, Freebies, Fundraisers and more!

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Expand your audience, build ​trust, make more sales with our ​local influencer style marketing ​services that make expanding ​your reach, growing your ​business, and making more ​money a breeze.

Join the

Hexa-Hive Today!

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Promotional Products

We’ve crafted a solution tailored for small and ​micro businesses like yours to harness the ​powerful impact of branded products, making it ​simple and cost-effective to promote your brand.


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High Minimum Order Quantities


Low Quality that diminishes brand value

Boring Products that fail to engage customers

Single Color Printing that limits brand awareness

Frustrating order process requiring graphic design knowledge & experience

The end result?

More of your merch ends up in the trash immediately.

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No Minimum Order Quantities

Cost Effective Advertising

High Quality

Inspiring & Entertaining Designs

Full Color & Edge-to-Edge Printing options

One-Time setup process with a professional ​graphic designer. Easy online reordering.

Curated product packages tailored to your ​industry

The end result?

More Brand Awareness

Higher Engagement

More Opportunities

High Return on Investment

More Sales!

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It’s Time for Something New!

Imagine boosting your brand’s visibility and creating lasting impressions without breaking the bank.

Are you ready to get started?

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Custom Orders

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Need something extra special to ​make a lasting impression? ​Hexadaisy specializes in creating ​unique promotional items that ​stand out. From Bulk Orders and ​Swag Bags to Mystery Boxes and ​other Custom Orders, we ensure ​every product is crafted with ​care. Perfect for rewarding loyal ​customers or impressing at trade ​shows. Schedule a call with our ​team today to discuss your ideas ​and let’s create something ​extraordinary together!

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Promo Power-Packs

Next, add more products to your swag store, at any time!

Save time and $ by choosing one of our curated product packs.

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Power Wash Pro ​Gear Pack

Bleach Resistant, 100% ​polyester apparel including: ​long sleeve shirt with hood, ​short sleeve shirt, zip hoodie & ​pull over hoodie

Doodle Rectangle Scribble Vector

Contractor’s ​Champion Pack

Moisture wicking t-shirt, button ​down short sleeve shirt, zip ​hoodie & pull over hoodie

Doodle Rectangle Scribble Vector

Signage Success

Yard sign, car magnet, mylar ​helium balloon, & metal wall ​sign

Doodle Rectangle Scribble Vector

Desktop Dynamo

cell phone stand, spiral bound ​notebook, post-it notes, & clip ​board

Doodle Rectangle Scribble Vector

Real Estate ​Radiance

scented candle, felt storage ​box, throw blanket & welcome ​mat

Doodle Rectangle Scribble Vector

Automotive ​Advantage

Car mats, Soap stone car ​coaster, vanity plate & key ring

Doodle Rectangle Scribble Vector

Tech Titan Pack

bluetooth speaker, airpods ​case, wireless charger & cell ​phone stand

Doodle Rectangle Scribble Vector

Pet Passion Pack

food bowl, bandana, leash & pet ​bed

Doodle Rectangle Scribble Vector

Kitchen King

glass cutting board, bento box, ​coasters & bottle opener

Doodle Rectangle Scribble Vector

Beauty Bliss Pack

toner, cleanser, moisturizer & ​hand & body wash

Meet the Team

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Stevonnie Hartzman

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Ambitious Founder

Saving for College

Quirky sense of humor


  • minimalist design
  • all things bee related
  • hanging at the park with friends
  • shiny things
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Co-Owner, Business Coach, Proud Mom

Started learning graphic design at age 15


  • detailed design
  • all things witchy and goth
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Cheryl Evans


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